Hi there.

I have been working on this mesh for a while and feel that now is a good time to post it for some constructive feed back. I want to animate him. I plan to have whole herd type senario but first want to create a good mesh to animate. I am really inspired by Calvins work so I have tried to keep it low poly.
but I am stiil quite inexperience so if people can give me a few pointers that I am going in the right direction with the topolgy that would be great. especially the edge loops for the joints on the front knee and the haunch/flank region.

forgive the stunt horn. I have included the picture (pink horsie) that started it all.

cheers heaps


Are you going for a cartoony look or for realism? What you’ve got is a good start if you’re aiming for the former, however if you want something more realistic then I recommend using a reference image.

Thanks for responding Krisnack :slight_smile:

I’m going for a cartoony look. I was using this side image of a horse.


This is the 3rd or 4th generation of a mesh I created a while ago. This is how he look when I first start this project, but my friends said it looked like Donkey from Shriek which was not my intention so I remade him.

in the last picture the head looks more like a dinosaur then like a horse .
but i cannot tell why yet

I think it looks like a dinosaur because of the dip between the nostrils. While I’ve seen that on a few crocodiles, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dip like that on a real horse.

Your new design doesn’t look like it has that problem though, so all good there.

The hindquarters seem to be a bit too plump though, is that intentional?

Also, I can’t tell from your pictures but I think unicorn horns typically have a spiral running down the horn, don’t they?