I really want to know what do you think about this model.
The model wasnt to difficult, because it hasnt have muscle details. The rigging part was to difficult, and also the fur. i hope you like, because i really like this one.
Chau (bye :p)

Blender’s particles doesn´t fit to that horse. The model is great, though.

The model looks good. But the tiny-dot eyes make it look kind of cartoonish and silly. I dunno if you did it on purpose or not, but I like the model either way. :]

If you still want to put on muscle and other detail you can always download a CVS build and use the sculpt mode on it.:slight_smile:

well, IMO, the face/head ruins it for me. It’s still an excellent model, but the head looks too much cartoon-ish.
anyway, great work!

Thanks for the replies. and yes, at first i tried to make it a “nice” face…now the eye look better than before.
the particle system was the only method that i can use for fur. i can use also Uv mapped planes, but im not really good for UV map. thanks again, bye.

The particle system is undergoing massive renovations, which will make that look much better.

Great model! Maybe better textures would make this really perfect.


The model