Unidentified Flying Object (Finished Game)

Sector Z-74 (above) is the sequel.

I had to master physics for tCoL (my game project) so to test physics I made a little mini-game.

I think I got the UFO physics down pat (how they would move in real life) Check it out.

Optimized for all computers (no need for glsl)
Gravity changing
Motion Blur

Get all 15 Z coins as fast as you can.

Arrow keys: Movement

This can run 60fps on the slowest computers.

Post your best times


Savefile mirror: http://www.savefile.com/files/1689660
Enjoy! Oh and post your best times.


This is really cool, the only thing I dislike are the coins not being set to ghost and how ridiculously hard it is to control the UFO. Other than that, this is AWESOME!

edit what? It’s an EXE not a blend file =P

how did u get the blur to look transparent
did that just happen when u slow parent it?

good job Killer!! ill have to finish the game…to post my time…

really fun

my time is 108…seconds…crap i no

also…when you hit the coins you stop…

Thanks guys!

@kkewly: I just used my method in the resource section. I changed the alpha on the ones that follow.

@Grudge: hahah you finish a game sometime. This is my 6th finished game ^-^ I’ll have to post my old ones. I have a breakout game, a pong game, a maze game, and a few others I can’t think of off the top of my head.

What’s your guys’ quickest time.

i ment i havent Finished this game yet lol

but my time was 108

edit what? It’s an EXE not a blend file =P

I mean edit my post.

It’s supposed to be hard to control. As a UFO you don’t control your ship, you control gravity =D I know you hit the coins your supposed to hit them to grab them.

I got 58 seconds =D

Can I have some screenshots?

Ummmm… no…



I’ll post some in a bit.

I’m going to release a sequel to the game later on. I’m working on my python skillz =D so I’m trying to script as much as possible to make tCoL as successful as I can =D

EDIT:: I added a screenshot to the first post =D

Ok cool I’ll download.

Don’t forget to post your best time!

Ouch, 116, I suck :slight_smile: Great game though. I agree with other people, its a bit too hard to change direction, but that wouldn’t be hard to fix. I totally love the blur effect btw.

Cant wait for the sequel!

I love the controls. It controls like a UFO should control. Gravity shifting. If you keep playing you get the feel for it.

It’s fun lol. I forgot my time.

It freezes the time after you get 15 Z coins. I’m adding an “Abduction” feature in the new one. Where you can abduct cows =D

Hey guys I made a cow from a reference image. I think it looks good enough to abduct =D

For some reason the thumbnail looks retarded. Just click on it and it’s normal.


lol you are going to make it so you can pick up cows?