Unified render in rc 2.42 ??

Does anyone know where the unified renderer is in the rc version of blender 2.42 ???..

At the same position as it was before. In the Format Panel.

Or have I missed something?

There’s no Unified Renderer in 2.42. Use 2.41 instead if you want to use it for some reason.

I thought the unified render gave more accurate results…especially with halos ? So now it doesnt exist anymore ??

Quote By Ton from http://projects.blender.org/viewcvs/viewcvs.cgi/blender/source/nan_compile.mk?cvsroot=bf-blender

The Bad News

  • “Unified Render” is removed. It might come back in some stage, but this
    system should be built from scratch. I can’t really understand this code…
    I expect it is not much needed, especially with advanced layer/passes