uniform colour on mesh problem

Hi all,

I cannot seem to get a uniform colour applied to this fairly simple mesh.
I have searched here quite a bit and all suggestions I have tried
eg; edge split modifier
positioning lights
adding geometry
all I want is the simple green colour uniformly applied without it being a lighter shade in the middle
ive attatched the blend file
thx for help in advance


aaa dimple.blend (716 KB)


I’m not sure exactly what you mean. If you want to remove the specular highlights, just reduce Spec to 0. If you want the green to be uniform, enable Shadeless.

its something within the mesh that makes the color lighter in the middle , there is less geometry there but it shoudn’t make such a differenece.
btw i have adjusted all those settings with no luck, and shadeless is not what i want.


When you say “middle”, do you mean the lighter band that runs around the object? This is lighter because it is slightly slanted, so it is receiving more of the light from the three lamps above. Reposition your lamps (or remodel your object) to change this. You should also remove doubles from your object and check that you are happy for the normals to be pointing inwards.