Uniform speed of rotation for animating a solar system

Hello, I am working on a small project and am trying to animate a simple series of rotation cycles. I have everything figured out, except my rotation seems to accelerate/decelerate around the start of the cycle automatically. How do I keep the rotation at a constant velocity?
Thanks. Attached is a very simple file that demonstrates how I am doing this and the issue.

Thank you for any suggestions!


CubeSpin.blend (458 KB)

In your graph editor for your rotation keyframes use Key / Interpolation Mode / Linear


This may sound rather silly, but I can no longer see the rotation keyframes in the time line. The animation works, I have the cube selected in the 3D Viewport, but I don’t know how to pull up those keyframes to make the change that you suggest. Thanks for the extra help!

press TAB to edit them…
there were no need to go into NLA editor and create that track, keep all your simple animations in f-curve editor or dopesheet… as you have repeated them 5 times in NLA you can convert keyframes to vector from V menu
or just use linear extrapolation from shift+E menu as Richard said

Hello Liero,
Thank you! I am really trying to understand but do not have any success. Where/when do I press TAB to view the object’s rotation keyframes? In the 3D view port, it goes into edit mode, of course. Elsewhere I get no response by pressing TAB.

I do not know how to make cycles without the NLA Editor, this can.should be done in the f-curve editor? All I see in the dopesheet and F-curve editor are two crossing green lines, no keyframes are indicated.

I got it! I select the action in the NLA editor and press TAB and the keyframes show up again.

I now have it working thanks to all your good help!