Uniform subdivision techniques

Anyone know of any good ways to get the following effect in Blender?

looks similar to blenders remesh modifier.

From a far, far away, maybe :).

Works very different, closest would come multi-cut knife from pre bmesh era.

Knife project or remesh modifier, then remove doubles. Frankly I think Blender’s ‘inability’ to create bad topology easily in a single step is a point in its favor. Thoughtful use of the subdivide tool and selection procedures yield much more usable geometry.

These demos never show what a good use of this would be. why would you want to slice up a barrel that way? What use is a flat object with that particular distribution of cuts??
Sometimes it seems that programmers just throw these tools in because they’re easy to program but don’t have a specific goal when they make them, just to have a lot of tools in the list.

Tell that to Houdini people since they use divide sop every day (same as dice op from the video). It has many uses, for example sometimes you need a add uniform subdivision topology across a object but want to keep existing also. I used this for local details on a ground plane for example. As I said remesh modifier isn’t same. Remesh modifer uses resampling of objects and so misses topology/detail already present. Knife project could work if it could project grids, which in my limited testing it can’t. And cutting it line by line isn’t fun.

I just thought I missed something but apparently haven’t and although Blender now has more than 10 cutting tools, it is unable to do what was in video other than manually cutting grid line by grid line.

So I’m trying to tell you how, but I’m not sure if you’re hearing me… Limited testing was obviously not sufficient. The method of deleting the faces seems pretty intuitive to me, I tried it as a matter of course when trying out the tool some time back…

Anyway… knife project. Sorry, Suzanne. That’s gotta hurt! Delete the faces from your cutting grid. Option for cutting through or just cutting visible. Cut through used here.

Thanks, DruBan, it seems I dismissed the knife project too soon, I tried it same as in your example only with square grid of edges. Somehow it didn’t work. But testing again it does, and works well.

Thanks for your help and perseverance.

No problem. The knife operations can be a little glitchy in extreme cases but the devs and Howard T? in particular are making them quite smooth and useful!