Unigine community a new Unity alternative

Good news, Unigine has a new community free version, it’s a another Unity alternative.

Similar to Unity, it will be free to use until you make $100K revenue a year.


Some very impressive features, enough to make Unity Tech. sweat for sure (especially if everything comes without mountains of bugs and other issues).

The only potential dealbreaker for some indies would be the mandatory splash screen, but the limitations seem better thought out than the ones chosen by Unity (ie. you actually get a dark UI skin).

Though the million dollar question is how they plan to monetize the free version (beyond just offering a paid version of the engine with limitations removed).

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They already have income from industry companies using it for simulation.

They do like Unity, the free version purpose is to attract lot of new users to beta test, report bugs, make plugins , make tutorials, also contribute to bring lot more people choosing to subscribe for the pro version.

For splash screen, no Unreal users complains because your game shows it uses a high quality engine. And the dark theme is really not what will make people jump on Unigine.

Unity or Unreal have always been about gaming first, they have already tons of gaming specific advanced features,tools and users plugins; while Unigine is more about outdoor simulation features.

I think Unigine will be more a challenger for CryEngine about open worlds games if they will be able to support C#, unlike CryEngine using C# more as marketing because most Cry Engine advanced features are not available in C#.

About Unigine, it has only DX11 on Windows and Linux until they bring some RTX or Vulkan, but they got advanced global illumination features,VR support, and it’s among the best for open world advanced tools and features.
It’s another good 3D engine choice ( about gaming i find it’s somewhat too much very early access :laughing: )

Wow!! Thanx for the Tip!!

I’ve bin following Unigine for a while now.
Nice to know there’s a free version

Some big downsides and issues they willl need to adress :

  • No offline mode, they will have to do like Unity and allow users to work offline.

  • No automatic navmesh baking, no advanced navigation setup and features
    ( for a big scene you must create it yourself every time tehre is changes)

  • Erros running project build “EDitorCore_X64.dll is missing”

  • Error building a new project “Some error has happened during project assembling, please look at Console”

  • The overall editor menus would need a rework and get more icons, most things are accessible only on top menu.