Unincorporated Features of Blender

Hey everyone,

I was working in a week old version of blender 2.5 today, and I was trying and trying to get the hair particle system to use an object instead of paths. It wouldn’t do it. After about 30 minutes I gave up and went into blender 2.49b, and it worked.

But my question is, do we know when specific features are planning on being implemented? Is there a timeline somewhere? And is there anyways to expedite the arrival of features? (specifically the use of objects in the hair particle system.)


I would also like to see a list of 2.49 features that have been dropped as well. It seems like automatic animation does not exist anymore in 2.5.

Don’t think this list is up to date but I’ll post it anyway:

Thanks for the list. Yeah, I don’t think its up to date either.

I guess I will just keep getting new builds of blender, with my fingers crossed that it has the functionality that I need.

Atom: What is automatic animation?

I guess it is called automatic time, not automatic animation.