uninitialized image "ParetiBake" from object "Plane.098"


In this file if I try to bake (Cycles) to a new image (10240 px) I get the error uninitialized image “ParetiBake” from object “Plane.098”.
Can someone Help?

What for you have this empty slot?

Excuse me this is an empty material (there was a secon material because I join an object to the mesh Pareti “walls” in Italian) deleted by me but there is also the material “Pareti” that is the good one.
Also before I deleted this “empty” material the error message was the same!!! (and how I can delete definitely this material or join to the first material?)

Well, i assume this was shortened version of the file, however as soon as i delete empty slot from Plane.098 error goes away here.

In addition i would suggest working a bit on this part of Pareti object - might be one of the reasons bake failing or taking longer as expected

I think it’s a problem about the dimension of the image to bake (10240x10240 px) because if I reduce it to 1024 px it renders correctly.
ps. = the error No active image found is about the node editor when there is no image texture node I think.
Thanks in any case

Could be this is size; when i read post i for a while thought this was to be 1024. After error was gone it would take forever to bake; no wonder since i did not try to change render size… Still, the rounded wall sector with ngons, overlaps and such could cause issues too.

I think mesh errors like ngons can cause issues but this is not the case.
Thanks a lol.

check your material slot I am sure it has too many material slots which confused the blender to bake the texture