Uninstall Blender

I’m having problems with Blender and it’s filing system, uploading reference and saving models. I have tried to fix it but don’t seem to be able to. If I uninstall Blender and start again, should it upload correctly, or will it be the same and with the same issues?

Are you on windows?

to delete your user settings you have to delete C:\Users{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\config\startup

Thank you. It sounds more complicated than it should be.

I have deleted/uninstalled Blender by right clicking on it and deleting it. This does seem to have deleted it as it isn’t appearing on my computer anywhere.
When I downloaded to start, it appeared on my desktop, but never on my list of installed programs on my computer. I also experienced problems with it’s filing system. This makes me wonder if it properly installed in the first place.
Do you know if it might not have fully installed and if so, why?

Reinstall on any platform seems like a sledgehammer to me. Can you be more specific and descriptive of your problem.

What operating system and what version of Blender?

Thank you for getting back to me.
I have Blender 2.8, so the latest and I’m Windows 10. The problem is mainly in the folder system, saving models, or uploading images from my pictures folder for reference.
None of the folders seem to open when I click on them, so I have to drag and drop images in to Blender. That is fine, but I’m worried it indicates a bigger problem. If I save a model, it is saved to my Documents, which doesn’t seem right and if I move them anywhere else, they are then not recognised by Blender. Is this usual?
Also Blender was never on my list of programs when I was looking to uninstall it, which makes me wonder if had not fully installed on my computer.
Thank you for your help.

You shouldn’t need to “install” it… download the zip version and unzip it wherever you want. You can even unzip it to a USB stick and run it from there. This method will save you some headaches – not sure why you are having so many issues with it. The file locations are mentioned by yogyog earlier in this thread.

Thank you. I was questioning whether it was ‘installed’ correctly because of the file issues I was experiencing. I thought it might have something to do with not being correctly downloaded.
I’ll try again with your advice in mind and fingers crossed it’ll be better!