uninstalling ubuntu?

Ho do i uninstall ubuntu?

I guess I would format the harddrive/partition where it is installed, or simply install another OS on top of it and hence it got formated during that.

You would still be left with the dual-boot screen, but I forgot how to get ridd of that…

I believe that you boot into the windows recovery cd and run the command “fixmbr”

Not sure tho.

Why uninstall ubuntu??? :wink:

well i got rid of it by just running the windows recovery cd’s let them check for errors and fix them.

it got rid of GRUB for me

the author of this thread never said anything about having both windows and ubuntu installed at the same time, which I assumed, so why would ubuntus mbr be left if all formated? if you install windows on top of it, it will format and install windows and setup a new mbr. :yes:

Assuming you have a dual boot, fix your MBR with the windows cd first, THEN delete the ubuntu partition. DO NOT delete the ubuntu partition first.

/me waits for the author of the thread to reply with some answers.

LOL… it could be in weeks if he managed to reformat the computer :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same problem but am wondering how to restore my mbr.
Here’s the situation. A little while back I bought a new HP computer that stores a 8GIG backup restore file on partition D
I installed ubuntu and then opensuse but nether performed better than windows (did a lot of benchmarking with blender scenes) so I want to recover the HD space.

I just booted with the XP disc but in recovery mode, entering “fixmbr” generated a warning about my mbr and that it is not recommended to proceed. So I didn’t but the question is, HOW do I restore my mbr?
Are any of you using the new HP machines and if yes, what’s the deal with the D partition? Will I loose access to that drive (recovery mode) or is it safe just to restore?

Thanks :slight_smile:

p.s. I’ve only dedicated about 20 GIG to linux so I don’t need the space but the booting takes longer and if I don’t pay attention, it’ll boot linux which I don’t want.