uninterested about unlimited clay ?

Quote Farsthary:
"due to the low feedback I’m getting from unlimitedClay for Blender are people still interested on it? I’m still here " :frowning:

http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg06950.html

i guess he’s in one of his dark moments probably feels frustrated ,stuck
feels he owes people that donated .

I’m still interested, I think it will make a great addition to blender!


I too, am interested. Just a lot going on right now, and there is a lot happening right now.

I put a thread before last few days. And sorry to say I got very negative response specially from builders. I think it is just because we just miss leaded with the last video demonstration which is giving more hope. And the only one build which is available in net is in zooblender site and that patch having problem like AUTO TRIANGULATION TURNED OFF
Quote Farsthary:
“It has the code inside to always triangulate the mesh, seems that builders or myself have turn that off for performance shake but it has the potential there ”
So I think if somebody can make a proper build in graphicall site there will be much more response.
sorry for my bad English

What is he talking about ? I cannot believe he even questions the interest in this amazing sculpt addition to Blender.

But honestly I do not really know what his goal is - a lot of things were started and many faded away.

Is he really interested in finishing unlimited clay?

cekuhnen, Please show me one unlimited clay build in graphicall before u blame him

Uhm he is programming it - if he wants to push it he could also provide a build.

I am not blaming him at all, is work is awesome, I just don’t understand this attitude.
If I would do this I would make sure people can get something which is working to test it.

I lost interest in this a long time ago. like Cekuhnen noted, allot of things were started, but cant anyone name one thing he made that actually made it into Trunk?
and no… volumetrics isnt one of them, Matt Ebb re-wrote if all (but yeah, it was based on farsthary’s work)

conclusion; i dont care for unlimited clay anymore, and doubt it will ever get in Trunk.

I’m interested


I’m concerned if it’s even worth continue developing before B-mesh is finished. Is it?

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Some people have noted this also. When you introduce something like a killer feature, don’t expect the main developers to finish it for you. I would assume that it’s not an easy job finishing something others have started. It becomes grunt work for them, while you get the glory. Of course, people welcome all these additions, but they can also be distractions. My suggestion is keep them secret until they’re almost completed. There’s just so much the developers can do.

Well B-Mesh is in deed maybe a deal breaker - is it? I don’t know - I don’t understand that programming part of it.

But I am sure in case he wants to finish it and integrate it into Blender,
I am also sure Ton would love to have a much better sculpt tool in Blender then what currently it can only do.

I would not put it in a such a negative terms. There must be a lot of people (me for first) which are really interested in UnlimitedClay. However, since we were asked for a user feedback, I will give my personal opinion after trying of a build win32_unlim_clay-110428.zip downloaded from Blender Zoologique few days ago.

As a final user, at the moment, the above build revealed that UnlimitedClay is completely unusable IMHO. Grabbing, Drawing, etc. produce a mess of polygons and segments and therefore it is absolutely impossible to have a control upon the object which is sculpted.

As others here have noticed, what we saw on videos and what we got in the build do not correspond in terms of results we get. We definitelly need a more reliable build to be even able to give you a more constructive feedback.

Last but not least about UnlimitedClay is that, yes, Blender would be absolutely better if this tool will be added to the trunk in the future.

i would prefer unlimited clay over bmesh :slight_smile:

but bmesh would also make the booleans finally usable.

cekuhnen - 3ds Max supports ngons and booleans still cause a lot of problems. One day I would really like to hear what kind of features are worth this over 2 years of development.

As for Unlimited Clay - it would be a superb addition in Blender (along with a remesh modifier by Bishop, if I remember correctly), although it would probably has to be rewritten after bmesh is ready.

Interested, but not hopeful.


What makes you think that?
There was the “carve” library patch for booleans which apparently gave good results… Didn’t try it myself as I rarely use booleans… they’ve always sucked outside a CSG modeller in my opinion…

Unlimited clay would be great to have…

the patch is extremely hard to successfully apply… and the zoologique build shows that it’s still pretty rough at the moment… usability < hyped expectation…

There’s been plenty of talk on the mailing list since Farstahy posted and I hope he takes it on board and moves forward with this…

I’d love this feature in blender…

Until then I’ll use Sculptris…

Due to bandwidth issues Raul doesn’t visit here anymore apparently… but if you read this, keep up the good work!

Under the current situation Blender performs the boolean operation on the two complete meshes
instead of quickly finding local intersections and then doing the boolean operation.

Only because in Max something doesn’t work, doesn’t mean it cannot work here.
This isn’t very high-tech - Amapi 5 had already better booleans than most of the apps today.

If you do organic modeling maybe it might be useful, for object modelers and cut section animation
it is essential.