Union Pacific Big Boy

Hi there,

I worked on the textures, and added details. All blender internal. Some nodes also.
new render:


Title: Union Pacific Big Boy
Modeling Software: Blender 2.46 RC1
Rendering Software: Blender internal
Rendering Time: ~ 50 mins @1920x1200

http://www.alexglawion.com for more high-res shots


I love it!! realy nice. I like your detai alot too. Very nice peice of work!

Exceptional piece. Looks like the front page of a magazine. Wonderful job on the smoke. Nice clean looking model. Excellent lighting.


oo wow, i first thiught that was ur referance pic

great work on the lighting and texturing

Very nice render there! Great textures, model, and lighting!

Nice eye for details. Great work:)

great model, n nice details as well, but you should have textured the thing :slight_smile:


Wow, great detail level. 4 stars from me, since some good ol’ rusty textures would’ve looked great. :slight_smile:

to be honest I gotta say the great thing about this picture is that there are no textures!
textures just make everything easier so no testures RULE!!!
keep the art alive

WOW! That was a very nice render. I like it a lot.

When I look at the hi-res picture it looks like it is a scanned picture from a magazine or something. How did you do that effect? It is cool. :cool:

I honestly thought that the top picture was a photo that you had scanned and the render below was your model.

The best train I have ever seen

omg, amazing! this should go to the gallery on blender3d.org

I know people are gushing hardcore here, and I really like the image too, but I want to offer some crit:

The textures are too pure. There’s very little bump information that I can see, and there’s also no visible specular changes across the train. And the color map (if you’re using a color map) is waaaay too uniform.

Also, eight hours of render time? Damn, what’d you do? :slight_smile:

Oh, and crits aside I will say the modeling is awesome.

Hey, I have a little scene that was made for a train, but I havn’t made the train yet. Want to plop that train in there?


Really good level of detail and modelling but too clean, such a train would be covered in all sorts of dirt and crap :slight_smile:

Moved to the gallery section.


Hey, this is a great and powerfull train. :wink:
I am very astonished about the level of technical detail, which must have been great fun to you to model. To continue the discussion: people loving CG or trains would enjoy having this version of the union pacific as a print or in a magazine! Further texturing might be interesting in another context or environment. I think the atmosphere is - super - as it is. :slight_smile:

Nice piece of art there…excellent technical details!!

Thanks alot for your replies!

Kerinolas: Actually modeling was lots of fun, but also lots of hard work… You think someone would publish it in a magazine or something? love to hear that! Just let me know if u hear of anyone! :slight_smile:

Big goofy dumb moderator: ohoh i better not call u that, or ill be tossed out the gallery… :smiley:

thanks for moving.

kattkieru: actually im not pretending if i say, i wanted to render that steam engine without ANY textures on it. As my saying goes: the model makes the texture and not the texture the model.

8 hours of render time yep, now imagine i had a renderfarm… (u can ask me for an animation then . lol)

blendercreator: u read my mind:D

Thanks vor viewing.

Considering the level of detailing on areas like the boiler/smokebox I find myself wondering that there are no rivets or bolts on the piston jackets or “cowcatcher”. But the overall standard of work is very, very impressive. The lighting and coloring make it look, for me at least, like one of those engines you get your hands sooty just by touching.