Unit difference between Graph Editor (2.5x) and IPO Curve Editor...

I have a problem with current graph editor. I’m doing a test with a cube that should rotate -90 degrees on its Z axis. On older version Blenders, I’d create two keyframes and rotate the cube a little. Then I’d go to the IPO and change the key value into -9 (-90 degrees). However, on the new graph editor, the value for a -90 degree rotation is -1.571. Why this weird unit? Can I change it?

Thanks in advance.

Why this weird unit?
90 degrees is 1.571 radians.
Not sure if you can currently change it. Look in the Scene setting.

Thanks for the reply. Weird thing: The scene setting was already at degrees, so if I can change it, it’s not in the scene, probably. :frowning:

[EDIT] The radians/degrees options in Scene panel is related to objects data like camera angle, for example. If there’s still a way to convert it automatically into degrees in the Graph Editor, it’s not in there. Anyone has tips?

This stuff must suck for people not good with math. I was a trig tutor for awhile. Radians always confuse people.
degrees = radians x 180 / pi
radians = degrees x pi / 180

The idea here is that 180 degrees equals pi (approx. 3.14159…) radians.
360 degrees is the same as 2pi radians.

When you enter values into any of blender’s areas, you can make Blender do math for you.
For example, if you enter “2250" for the end frame, Blender will do the math for you and set the end frame to 500.
You can do this with pi as well. If you type in "90
pi/180”, blender will figure out the math for you and you’ll end up with the radians equivilant of 90 degrees.

Thanks, Loopduplicate. I can do the math, it’s just that I’m lazy. Your equation solution really helped, I did not know that Blender could accept it. BTW, it seems that Blender doesn’t accept the “/” on my keyboard.

As a final solution, to convert radians to degrees (since I can’t type the “/”): anglepi0.00555

Problem solved. Thanks to all. :slight_smile:

Pythons math.radians(ANGLE_IN_DEGREE) should work too I guess. Didn´t try it though.

Is this an extra add-on, or is it bundled with Blender 2.58?

I really can´t tell you I am no pythonist.
But I guess it comes bundled as I highly doubt Blender would work without math :slight_smile:

Now that I think about it I also don´t know how this could be of any use to you setting keyframes… but it´s surely handy for constraints and drivers.