United Nation Space Force F-36

(gundamf91) #1

Its not my style posting WIP but its your lucky day. :smiley:

its far from done…i don’t even know why i’m doing this, maybe i’m bored and sleepy at 12:49am


(Smerity) #2

That looks excellent! I love the small details you worked into that model!

Either way, welcome 2 Blender! :smiley: I’m sure u’ll make an awesome addition!

Now just try and get some color\metallic textures and finish off the model!

(BgDM) #3

That is a very nice start. Keep on going. I want to see some updates!!


(gundamf91) #4

i’ve been blender longer than u think :slight_smile: its just i’m too busy with other stuff and with university…


(bogbean) #5

Looks good. Lots of nice twiddly bits.
Nice to see something a bit different to the usual sleek projectile shaped spaceships people come up with.