United Nation Space Force

(gundamf91) #1

its been a while since my last update…been too busy with university…sigh…


its getting there…i know its kinda dark, i will change that, now i’m just testing with textures…

hope this picture doesn’t disgust you guys :slight_smile:


(Detritus) #2

Hmm… Seems like the link is broken :frowning: . I only get a no index found-page when I click it…

(IMProvisar) #3

Please create an .html to hold your image. Hotlinking is a no-no for your host. Also, I got 3 popups. :x

The pic looks cool, but it doesn’t quite look like a spacecraft (if that’s what it’s supposed to be… at the moment, it looks more like a spacedock, perhaps some type of cargo ship). Perhaps it’d be better to drop the plane beneath it, and put in a starfield background.

Keep up the good work.


(stukkm) #4

guys, you gotta drag the link into the address bar for it to work. or, if your browser won’t let you drag the link (like opera i think) just copy and past works for me.

gundamf91, looks good. but yeah, could use some more lighting so we can see it better. it’s really detailed. actually something i noticed… when you typed out united nations space force in short (unsf) i kept picturing the word as ‘unsafe’ in my mind. hope that’s only a coincidence :wink:

(Idgas) #5

wow it looks great but… um… what the hell is it???

(Friday13) #6

Idgas: can’t you see!? it’s some sort of hoverboard thingy!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(valarking) #7

is this from a gundam series?

(IMProvisar) #8

Well… reading my post you can tell I saw the pic, but it’s more convenient to the viewer if the author sets up a link that works as it should, and avoids posts like the first, saying it was a broken link. I was just letting Gundam know how to keep that from happening. :slight_smile:


(gundamf91) #9

i will fix the lighting probably this weekend

answers to questions:
It is a “pod” carrier…its a hover thingy which friday13 got half right…but its too big to be just a board, i’m not gonna model the pod, too organic for me, i rather show more detail of the carrier itself

it is not from the gundam series although the name UNSF is from gundam the carrier itself is not, i am modelling base on some japanese dude (from a plastic model magazine called Hobby Japan)'s hand made model for a japanese model competition.

thanks for the replies