Units and Camera

I want to create a lumpy sphere that has grass on it, much like what Weta Digital did in The Lovely Bones. http://www.wetafx.co.nz/features/the_lovely_bones/ I’ve tried doing this several ways, first adding a grass texture to the sphere. This did not look good. So, I am trying it with the hair simulation. This looked better than the texture however I could not get the grass small enough to look like real grass. It was just a big ball of hair.

I increaseed my sphere to be 1 mile, by chaging the units scale, and then added the hair, it looked like it did not consider the size of my sphere. :frowning: Also, when I bring the camera up, it doesnt even show my sphere. And the Grid acts weird as well, it doesnt show.

Can someone point me in the right direction? In my example, (mesurements) I have used a cube and scaled it up to 1 mile in size just to show you what I mean. Also, the camera is set up in the right position so it should show the cube, but doesn’t.

Thanks for you help guys. :smiley:


To make the cube visible, in the particles tab and in the visualisation window and under Render select emitter. To get the grass nice and even in the particle system window turn on even and in the next window (physics) the normal will change the length of your grass. Hope this helps.

It looks like at a distance you need to use grass texture. Grass made of hair is not going to show up anyway. How did you build the grass texture? Did you use bump?

I’ve tried using bumps but it didn’t look realistic. At the beginning of the animation, it looks like you can see the grass strands, but as it gets farther away, you can’t really tell. Do you think maybe they used a bump map?