Units in blender

Hello again. Does blender use any measurements (eg lengths for the models), if so where can i view these (are the units changeable as well eg to cm, m, km)


Blender is unit-less. The units stand for whatever you like.

Best of Luck

if i may suggest something… i did find a plugin (script) that you can build in measurement… what i mean by that is this… say you have a box that is 3ft by 3ft, and you want to build a box next that that is 5ft by 5ft (making it 2ft larger) then you can build a second box 5ft by 5ft…
i have only dabbled into this and not explored it’s full potential but mostly obi is correct.
what i mean is if you build this box 3ft by 3ft and then turn on ‘show edge lengths’ then they will NOT show 3.00 by 3.00. so in theory you would have to build your model from the script to keep the sizes within ratio of each other… does that make sense?
Then again, if you just want two items to be within scale to each other you could always turn on ‘show edge lengths’ (think that is the name) and call it what you want… the defualt box you see i think is 1.00 squared, so you can call that 1ft, make your box 3.00 and i guess you can call that 3ft squared…
i am still very new to blender and have yet to play with this feature or the script i found.

ok thanks for that