Units in blender

Is there a way to scale an edge to a specific length in units?
Right now if I hit S X to scale along the x then hit 1 nothing happens because it’s using a multiplier. I want it to snap to 1 meter when I do that. Is that even possible? I hate having to use algebra every time I want to scale something to a specific size.

scales r relative to object so if "s 1 stays same size "s 2 then object size is twise as big "
if sx then scale is aong x axis,if sy then scale is along y axis,if sz then scale is along z axis
and if sx 1.25 then scale is 1and a quarter larger than original size also blender units r mesured in meters I think just to let u know does this help

I understand what it is doing. I just want it to let me type in the actual length rather than a multiplier. I have the units changed to meters. I pretty much want something that isn’t relative to the object at all. If I hit 1 I want it to be 1 meter. Not 1*(current length)

blender calculates the size from the center or origin (if you are using default cube, it wont scale to 1, since it is already 1 unit away from point of origin).
However, you can set the unit size from PROPERTIES>SCENE>UNITS
In my opinion, Its better to use the default unit size.

Right, I already said I have it set to meters. That really isn’t what I am asking. I want to know if there is an option in or an addon to Blender that will let me type 1 to define 1 meter. If the length is 2 meters I want to just be able to hit 1 instead of having to type .5. Seems like a basic option that should exist somewhere.

Press “N” to open the numeric panel. In that panel, you can change values for your vertices. Also, instead of scaling, you can select a vertex, press “E” to extrude, right click to cancel out, this will leave you with a duplicate vertex that you can move. Because you are working in metric, you can for example do “G” for grab, “X” for x axis, “1” for 1 meter. It is not as convenient in imperial. Last time I tried was a couple of versions ago and you could not enter double quote for inches, or apostrophe for feet in the interactive command. You had to “G”, cancel out, then modify the last change in section at the bottom of the tool panel.