units & scale

I have imported a waveform.obj, and I’ve set my units to metric and changed the scale to 0.8 to give the object the correct dimensions without actually changing its size. However when I modify it, my modifications are also scaled - I try to move part of it by a specified amount, but it moves it by 0.8 x that amount. Is there any way round this that I’ve missed?

If you rescale or rotate an object in Object Mode, you must apply the scaling and/or rotation you have made or every transformation will be affected (something you may sometime want, but most of the time you don’t want).
To do so select the object in Object Mode and press CTRL+A then select “Rotation&Scale” (or in the bottom menu Object -> Apply -> Rotation&Scale)

This is not needed if rescaling or rotating in Edit Mode

Thank you Sanctuary,

You’ve answered one of another newbie’s many questions.