Unity 2017 import blend multiple assets


A friend of me, is learning to becomme a programmer and he uses unity.
He mostly uses public assets from sample code.
However i got about 8 years blender experience, but i am not into gaming and thought i could create some assets for him.

However i am wondered shoud I create 1 blend file, containing a almost full world.
Or should i create blend files per asset ?

(i would prefer to create a single large blend file, where he can pick out his assets (my objects), but not entirely sure if that is how it works, one single blend file with lots of assets (if possible) would speedup my blender “drawing” a lot).

From my experience with Unity, single objects should stay in their own .blend file, rather than having them all together. This means they can be individually placed in the Unity scene, rather than having all the objects together placed in the scene at the same time.

There are ways to split up the meshes of the .blend file within Unity, however it may be a bit messy to try and delete parts of it in the scene.

So, it is much better for a single asset to stay in it’s own file.