Unity 3d and Blender 2.5

Does anyone know if the final release of Blender 2.5 will be as compatable with Unity3d as it is with 2.49? Yes I know that I can export to FBX, however the ability to drop the .blends directly into the unity assets folder as well as it automatically making animation strips for you based off of the Action editor, is VERY handy.

Hey man… I think 2.5 isn’t working yet in that respect. I tried with a friend to export Blender 2.54b blends into Unity and we had problems.

I really think they should look into getting blender to import nicely with unity before the final release. I really would like to use 2.5, but since I’m using unity I’m forced to stick with 2.49. Maybe someone should file a bug report?

This isn’t a Blender problem; it’s a Unity problem. Unity doesn’t support the changes in the 2.5 file format.

Take a look at this.


Unity 3.3 and blender 2.58 are not compatible.
Dropping a 2.58 file into the hierarchy gives you a “Blender could not convert the .blend file to FBX file.” critical error. Importing FBX doesn’t seem to work properly, either, since in unity you get a “Default take” animation instead of your correct list of animations.

Do your animations with the Action Editor in Blender 2.58. Then when exporting via fbx enable the “All Actions” check box".
The animations are correctly imported into Unity 3.3

Well , anew unity version is released today they may fixed this unity 3.4
I didn’t check tho

Wow! Just as well I didn’t read this thread before completing 2 games projects using Unity and Blender 2.5x earlier this year!