Unity 4 (realtime rendered film)

A behind the scenes look at how Unity collaborated with Passion Pictures and Nvidia to create short realtime rendered film ‘The Butterfly Effect’.

that’s pretty cool.

Unity is just getting better and better.

I love Unity.It’s so fliping perfect.The best damn get up and go game engine to date.I love everything about it.Best part: Free ,like Blender.

I’m waiting for Unity 4.

Regarding the part I put in bold, if you want all of the juicy stuff (ie. the highly advanced graphical capabilities that make such a video possible), then you will need to get the pro license which is 1500 USD. You will also need to be prepared to spend even more if you want to take full advantage of other advanced features like the procedural substances (600 USD for the Substance designer software unless you decide to settle with just using premade ones).

The graphical capabilities as I heard in the free version is actually not that much different from Blender’s own game engine (and in fact has less in a few areas such as that concerning 2D filters).


I’ve used it, made a simple fps . it’s cool.

when can we get our hands on this version or even the basic unity 4.0

The beta is available here: http://unity3d.com/unity/beta/

As for a final release, unsure on the timing.

I love the idea of creating dynamic fireballs with spheres.

Way too expensive, that it is free is a scam.

It’s FREE, therefore it’s not a scam. Remember that they need to pay for development, support, and licensing. So 1500 is not that expensive for real studios. On the other hand, they already nice enough to let you use portion of it for free, for commercial use. Their original philosophy is for you to make fun games (not necessarily awesome looking) to make some profit, and use this profit to license 1500 for your next game. So that your future game can be cool looking. Besides, 1500 is already on par on some artist tools.

Or are you joking? :slight_smile:

Making a movie in a game engine is a double work. It looks nice, maybe unity wants to go to the small studios for making cartoons. who knows. :slight_smile:

I believe it was a test of their new version 4 capabilities, like a proof-of-concept. They added some features on the fly while they were making the movie, so the result is that 4.0 will benefit from what they learned. Not only that, it’s all done with a real-time render, so think about that for a second – what you see in the movie is what the artists saw as they were animating.