Unity - a skill game

A simple game made with blender where you have to construct a cube with different pieces as if it was a 3d puzzle, it may be so tricky because some pieces seems to connect to others, but if they are in the wrong place you may have one that cannot be placed. The score take into account the number of movements and time.

This small game was developed by my friends Marco, Mondragon and Me (Mataii), and recently a collaboration from a old friend :slight_smile: (Carlos Octavio), and we are planning to do more levels with different objects and a multiplayer version.

Video on Vimeo

And some info about the team (spanish)

And some screenshots :slight_smile:







Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks very very nice. ALmost too good for the bge! I’ll bet that took some programming. Fancy sharing a .blend?

Haha, I just love those animations from the cube character and especially the faces when selecting the menu tabs. Nice.

Hey! thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Yes, we are planning to share the .blend but at the same time we though to optimize some parts because I think it is a mess in both, python scripting and logic bricks :S, but in some days I’ll post a exe, so you can try it :slight_smile:

Great work. It’s refreshing to see some good work from professionals.


Very nice! The menu, textures, and GUI are all beautiful. I’d like to see how this game plays!

Thanks yourname here and TheSambassador, we are just making more efficient the code and as soon as possible i´ll put the game to download :slight_smile: