unity and blender actions import problem

i’ve got a custom rig that a roommate wanted me to make for unity but when i bring it into unity i only get get one action of like four that i made. also when i select all actions in the export pallette blender freezes on me is this a problem with blender or is it just my computer?

i’m using a mac book pro with 2 gigs of ram and i’m using blender 256 the official build

I have a very similar problem, with unity 3.3 and blender 2.58.
If you don’t tweak the “export to fbx” options, you only get a “default take” action in unity.
To get the actions in your file you need to select file=> export=> fbx and check the “ALL ACTIONS” checkbox in the lower left. However, there seems to be a bug wich exports all your actions PLUS an unexplainable “default take”. This doesn’t happen with blender 2.49, just to be clear. there’s no “default take” bs.