Unity has a new real time short. It's beyond crazy



Crytec has really cool reflections.

Can we get this high quality rendering for Eevee, please? PLEASE?

nVidia has enabled DXR for nvidia card that make use of the RTX features. Raytracing would be great on eevee for some features.

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Does it work in my 1080 Ti?

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Is the demo from your first post using RTX?

Easily with the April drivers update Nvidia will support ray tracing in gtx cards

Of course but good luck finding a team to make this type of high quality assets

The second demo with cryengine will work but I don’t know about the unity video. They said they used a normal gaming computer. Probably a 1070 or so.

the cry engine demo was running in vega 56
both unity and cryengine demo can run on the gtx series
we are in the era of 10 plus tera flops of gpu power! we can have amazing graphics if you look for examble what a xbox one s and ps4 can do with a 1.3/1.8tf gpu power

Well, I don’t think so. Just think about one thing - unrealengine or unity are whole products with many developers. Blender has smaller number of developers than any of this engines and Eevee is just some part of it. We can’t forget about Cycles, modeling, etc., etc.

I really enjoyed the Quixel Mixer/Megascans/UE4 video that was put out recently. Not sure if it was real time or rendered at a lower frame rate and higher quality, but the quality is incredibly high and it had a very nice Blade Runner kind of vibe. Beautiful assets and lighting.

I think Unity, at last count, had over 100 developers. This is a number that would be impossible for Blender to match unless the development fund soared to over half a million dollars a month.

For Blender to get those numbers, the BF would need to produce an even greater effort to get countless numbers of volunteers on board (it is not an impossible task in that case, as Godot 3.1 had contributions from over 100 of them over the last year).

That’s the point. We can not expect that the blender developers will do exactly the same job as 10 times more developers of another company.

That was amazing. Quixel has some amazing stuff. If it rendered one frame a minute at that quality then it’s crazy fast.