unity studios


I am a 16 year old blender user. I have been using blender for about 5 years. recently, my friends and i who all have our talents have been interested in creating a cinematic universe. Together, we plan on starting a company, unity studios, where we have been funded to enjoy our interests. as a team, we have a few musical composers, a few writers as well as 2-3 conceptual artists but only one animator/modeler. I am here looking for someone to join me in my aid to create these models and animations, as well as texturing and rendering based from art that we have created and to bring our dreams to life. We are shooting for a semi realistic, low budget pixar styled animation to move forward with our company. Eventually money will be involved, but none as of now! Here are some examples of my work and i am really looking forward to work with anyone willing!

Sincerely, Jordan

I have three plus years of experience in Blender and I can help you with modeling. My character modeling skills are pretty basic so I would probably stick to modeling sets, props, weapons, ect.
Please PM me if you’re interested.

The search is still on! We have begun basic animation with our proxy mesh, the score has begun production and we would love any additional help! Even if you believe your skills are basic this would be a great exercise to getting better!