Unity Testers and Programmers


We are currently looking for testers and programmers for the Unity game engine. This is for a low poly racing game that is currently a work in progress. We have 2 levels and a couple cars ready for test. We are modeling, texturing, rigging etc. in Blender and exporting to Unity for the game engine. This is telecommuting work. It is not a very demanding job, but we would like to get a long on this as soon as we can. If you are available for this and are interested in either the testing side, programming side or both, or if you have any questions regarding this post please e-mail me at the address below.

E-MAIL: [email protected].

Thank you!

Maybe put some images or videos up of what you have so far.

Great idea, I will gather some resources together and post some soon.

Below are some screenshots of the project. This is not everything but some of the WIP. A few cars, Level 2 WIP and some props.

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