[Unity][UE4] Modular Sci Fi Corridors

Nice work!

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Working on the design of the dogs. more screenshots on Artstation.

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this looks really amazing

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A small test of basic elements. More screenshots on Artstation.

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that’s nice shader there what is it called?

Decalmachine DECALmachine

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Decided to switch to High-Definition RP, which will have to stop using mesh decals. Now there will be only classical baked textures. Here is a small comparison of the new and old approach:

The first thing I’m going to do is remake the Sci Fi Corridor 1. Now it looks like this:


A small test of materials. On four sections of a wall one material with textures 2048x2048.

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Finished texturing. It remains to collect everything in a new scene and bake the light. Additionally I am going to make a dozen of decals.

The material created by me allows to control color and smoothness of the masked areas of the meshes. To make copies of meshes more unique I have added to the material the dirt projected in the world space.

Working on lighting.

Very nice. Be sure to put up pictures of them baked with their wireframes when done. One of the things I really loved about the Mass Effect geometry was just how little actual “geometry” there was. You can hide a lot in a baked normal map with matching lighting/specular textures :slight_smile:

Thank you! The creators of the Mass Effect have done a great job. When I first started the game I was delighted with the quality of the Graphics. Now of course the game looks no longer so cheerfully. Especially on the background of the latest novelties.

Finished working with the Lighting. Used only baked light with quite low settings lightmaps.
Recorded a small demonstration of material customization.

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Looks good, but i would like to encourage you to put a little-bit of wear and tear and dirt on it.
All of your works on Artstation have this pristine look, i think it would look a little more realistic without it.
I am doing a Sci Fi corridor too, but i am on the opposite end of the spectrum, i have made it really dirty and used.
You don’t have to go all the way, sometimes its enough to put some variations in the roughness/glossiness map.

Thanks for the feedback!
Since I use masks to change colors, it is much easier for me to work with a fairly clean surface without severe damage. In addition, I just like this design, when everything looks almost new. For example like here:

In the future I plan to implement the addition of dirt through the material using special masks and vertex painting.

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The final version for Unity. More screenshots on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9ewzdL

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The version for UE4 will be slightly different. Primarily due to the presence of Decals. Started working on the Light.

Almost finished with the Lighting. It remains only to understand how to bake a AO for the props.

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A small Breakdown.

The first corridor is over. Now I come back to where I started. More screenshots and 360 panorama on Artstation.


A small test of modularity.