[Unity][UE4] Modular Sci Fi Corridors


(AngryCat) #21

The first corridor is over. Now I come back to where I started. More screenshots and 360 panorama on Artstation.

(AngryCat) #22

A small test of modularity.

(AngryCat) #23

Began texturing. The first thing made the console.

(Romanji) #24

UE4 version of your corridor looks better (why am i not surprised) i also like the colors more and the fact that you added a little-bit of dirt. That’s what i meant last time.

(AngryCat) #25

The only difference is the lighting and post-effects settings. Most likely in Unity you can get exactly the same result, but how exactly do I do not know. While UE4 used almost standard settings with minor changes.
Vertex painting and projected in the world coordinates dirt probably the best variant for a modular environment. At least for me.

(AngryCat) #26

Finished with the walls.

(AngryCat) #27

All textures are ready. Now I am assembling the final meshes and gradually exporting them to UE4. That’s what the modular floor looks like.

(AngryCat) #28

I tried to make the doors in the style of Deus Ex.

(Conrad Brubaker) #29

Nice work.

(AngryCat) #30

Quick lighting test.