So i decided im going to embark in learning Unity even thow i like the BGE its fast to make games but its just to underpowered meaning slow with some things and the unity engine is just alot more put together however i still think in the future maybe in a while ill make a simple game or continue to use the BGE to make simple games So ya im basically just taking what ive done with swap and bringing it into unity, also on that note

is there any way to import basically everything i have for swap thats in blender and import it into unity including the logic and coding and what not or do i have to redo all of it in unity cause i know i can import all the models and such but the logic is what im talking about. anyways also monster created a script for me in blender that swaps the objects around and that is kinda the main thing im worried about trying to do in unity, cause i know it supports Boo witch is its version of python scripting and im wondering if monster’s script will work the same in unity since its python? anyways i know this is ment for blender game dev but if its allright ill still post stuff about my progress of the game and questions i have cause i know or well think that some of you also use unity so ya anyways ill still use blender for modeling and such but ya wish me luck :slight_smile:

Each engine tends to use a different API for game logic as well as have different feature-sets pertaining to it.

Considering the fact that there is no standard allowing seamless logic transfer from engine to engine, you will have to redo all of it in Unity. Also, if you want access to the real good stuff, you will need to plunk down 1500 USD for the pro-version, otherwise you’ll still have everything you need to make a game, but will not have some features that the BGE offers for free (like debug profiling)

ya that and shadows arent in the free version but if i make a game and end up selling it i could get it the pro version, also do you know of any addons or something for unity that basically emulate logic bricks or allow you to programe in unity with logic brick type of a way like blender does?

I think you’re right. Get what you need and then head over to Unity.

why are you trying to make unity like the bge? Logic bricks in unity? its like going from product A to product B because you think it’s better, and then asking how you can make product B more like product A… If you’re frustrated at BGE because it’s hard to make stuff… switching engines doesnt help, in fact it’s worse as you have to start the learning process all over. (Btw in my opinion, Unity is way overrated…and I would go with BGE any day, even over the pro version)

You’ll quickly earn enough to purchase the pro version and then you’ll have shadows. Then you’ll be able to do even more.

Don’t listen to people who would hold you back. Go forth, embark on your endeavor. But remember us.

Equip - I suggest that he doesnt switch to unity because I have experience with game engines and game developing. but sure, go ahead and ignore it - but I know what the outcome will be :slight_smile:

Whether it be Unity or anything else… I can’t say.

mrn… soar like an eagle. Leave us if you must.

lol i think im going to cry… lol Joking! mokazon im completly open to hearing why the bge is better besides the obviouse and also the logic bricks thing i just was wondering about cause then maybe i could import the logic stuff from blender. but yes i will still stick around and continue to bug the crap out of everybody on the forum with countless “please help me” threads and such but mokazon ill really want you to prove me wrong that the bge is better then unity cause coding really sucks. :smiley:

Also one of the maine things is that unity supports every platform out there wher as blender only supports pc and mac and theres gamkit for mobile but its kinda iffy.

Are you wanting assistance in searching out any and all things that might not be obvious? Let us devote the remainder of our lives in this pursuit. We may once and for all discover a logical proof that coding really sucks. We’ll become famous.

It’s up to you. This community’s been really great, though - just from a quick look at Unity’s forum, they seem a bit more… Cold. Perhaps it’s because they’re more professional, as they work with a professional engine. Anyway, other than that, let’s take a look at a comparison.



Supports shadows, shaders, 2D screen filters out of the box
Best workflow in any 3D engine
Deploys to quite a few platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Web)


Not the fastest engine; rendering many objects can be slow, and even with optimizations, logic doesn’t always perform at its height
Licensing can be an issue for some



Seems to be a very fast engine, both rendering and logic-wise
Proven with commercial projects
Nice integration with Blender - can directly load .blend files
Can indeed deploy games to many platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web)
Employs multiple scripting languages


Shadows, shaders, filters, advanced sound effects, etc. cost a fairly huge chunk of change ($1600)
Portable platforms cost additionally (I think; I’m not sure)

I really like BGE alot and want to grow up with it. imo only thing BGE need is faster in rendering speed and so forth.
All my friends migrated over in to unity. I had unity but I couldn’t get into it.

Best of luck to you with unity ! I would want to see what you do with it XD

They eat babies over at Unity, but you’ve gotta be strong and do what you’ve gotta do.

Logic is unlikely to be the bottleneck - unless you’re running some truly horrid O(n!) algorithm, and then it’s your fault. :smiley:

Which “things”? What exactly is the limitation that you’re hitting in the BGE?

Maybe it something you’re doing wrong.

PS: If you have python functions that are IO bound, the engine has to wait for them.

Wow, is this true :eek: ? Can you give me a link please?
I’ve been searching for this quite a while ago but afaik unity can only import meshes, and character with animated skeleton from blender. Just like maratis does.
So far, i thought the only engine which can import .blend file are only gamekit, and soon there will be massiveEngine (wich is based on gamekit as well).

Well the choice is yours. you chose the engine, that’s most suits your need.

The main reason Unity is placed up on it’s high pedestal is because it’s proven. Several games have been made with it that were successful. BGE does not have this qualification, but that doesnt mean it isnt capable. When developers start a game, they don’t even consider using BGE because nobody’s finished a larger scale blender game. BGE is thought of as good for prototyping things, which is because there aren’t any finished games.

The reasons for this are:
A. Not very many good developers use the engine, as mentioned above
B. People get caught away in all the bling of marketing from programs like Unity
C. If you get frustrated because you don;t think your game’s good enough, you blame it on the engine

The main advantages I see over Unity are:

  1. Faster Integration, You just press P and bam!
  2. Simple, fast prototyping with logic bricks, and then cleaner integration with python
  3. GLSL Shaders (Unity has this in pro version afaik)
  4. Shadows (Unity pro aswell)
  5. Large and friendly (to some extent :p) community
  6. OS independent (I don’t think Unity games can run on Linux)
  7. If it is your desire, you can modify the BGE code and implement a new feature

The main attraction of Unity is that everything’s easy to do. They have everything sugar coated and easy to use. Built in models and scripts, apparently easy networking, I’m guessing they have simple AI editor type of thing, etc… This is nice, but in BGE you get full control of everything.

I have to agree with mokazon here, if you are aiming to make a game, I would suggest to stay with blender.

I have tryed Unity and Blender, and can easily say that the learning curve of Unity is greater than that of the BGE, in terms of easily getting a game running.

However, the main difference is that Unity drops you right in the deep end, you have to code. It is the only way. Bge, on the other hand, has logic bricks and python.

Judging from your comments in the thread, I can assume you dont know programming, and dont enjoy it. In that case, I strongly suggest you stay with the BGE, and gradually learn python. Python is a good beginners language, rather than the java and c++ in unity.

Either way you go about making a game, you will have to learn to code, so I suggest you start with python, rather than java and C++, it will teach you the fundamentals in a very forgiving way as its harder to completely mess up everything :).

darn you guys! i downloaded that 500 Mb file all for nothing haha you guys convinced me and im sticking with blender :slight_smile: and yes this community has bin good and is way better then the unity forums. i guess the only thing that i dont like about blender is

shadows are hard to figure out have artifacts near the ends and are very slow

no real time inderect lighting like say you have a glowing green button that casts green light without having to use an extra point light

no mobile support like you cant make games for mobile platforms unless you use gamekit but how do you get that onto a phone?

cant do web unless you use burster but well idk does that work very well?

glsl 2d filters are slow and drop framerate alot

also one of the big things is just all around the bge is slower and cant handle large games without low framerate

but however im interested in getting together a team to see if we can improve these areas like the rasterizer and other things

i know there has bin some people on here who made the alpha shadows and the ssao filters and stuff maybe we could get everybody to pitch in and improve the engine in these areas?

thanks again for everyones support :smiley:

also “just wondering” can you import a .blend in to unity and it will work the same as it did in blender meaning you can play it and everything?