Unity3d animation import - weight painted bezier curves?

Good evening all,

New to Blender, currently trying to import a humanoid character to Unity3d for a game, fully animated in Blender (simple animations like running, jumping etc)

The main body of the character transfers across fine and animates in unity in the inspector (used simple cubes for the body)

I have added hair by adding bezier curves, weight painted them and added physics/keyframes to the animation which all works fine when the animation is played in blender, hair moves around etc, however the hair animation does not transfer to Unity and the hair remains rigid on the head of the model whilst the rest of the body moves.

I was going to try particles for the hair but it seemed certain that these wouldn’t work in Unity so I went with bezier curves, to no avail (yet)

Any ideas? Is it even possible to import this to Unity?

Unity doesn’t support bezier curves or particles from Blender.

Many thanks, you probably saved me a bunch of time

any idea on the best (coolest) way to do hair in unity?

I’ve never made hair so I’m not entirely sure. Ordinary bone animation is sure to work, but might not look great. You could use Unity’s ragdolls. There might be a way using Unity’s particles, or cloth simulator. I also saw some stuff about a fur shader which might give the coolest results. Your best bet will probably be a combination of techniques.