Universal Biped Armature for every one ...


As some people have seen on this forum (python & plugins section), Meltingman from http://www.blenderclan.org and I, have started two month ago a big project called : Universal Biped Armature For Every One.
At the beginning, I was alone for this WIP. I thought it will really cool to have a full usefull rigged armature for Blender (like Character Studio for Max). So we studied ManCandy and Ludwig to create our own armature…
I put my own constraints : no ‘ACTION’ constraint and using of ‘PROXY OBJECT’ system to control the armature. We want this ‘universal biped armature’ look like a Character Studio (3DSMax) one but … for Blender of course !

Here is our last release : version 0.6 - http://www.b1project.com/files/17/Armature_K.blend
(we have to finish the neck and the head system)

Here is the french thread of this WIP : http://blenderclan.tuxfamily.org/html/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=10349&forum=5

Note : We are looking for some one for a python script, if you wants to know what we are looking for, please check the ‘python & plugins’ section of this forum.

Enjoy it and see you soon for the next release.

link to armature dusent work

Looks like a good start. Might I suggest that you replace the shoulder rotation control with a shrug control and implement a “point-at” control for the elbow and knees. Your current shoulder rotation control is a bit wonky. Some driven items to make finger posing easy and it’ll be a pretty sweet rig.

This is a very vey nice rig. The only improvement I can suggest would be the elbow and knee targets Mitso mentioned.

Finger posing is easy, Mitso. The finger bones are a little hard to see, but they are inside the fingers. Zoom on the hand or go to stick vis mode. Select a finger custom bone shape and scale it or rotate it- and you can pose the fingers. One thing, instead of using the scale widget on them, hit the s key and you will get a lot more range of curl on the fingers.

Dommage que tu n’aies pas posté sur zoo/3D.Blender, je suis presque sûr que tu aurais pu trouver quelqu’un qui se serait intéressé à ce projet au niveau du python.

really like this rig, cant wait untill you release 0.7 :smiley:
when trying to raise the legs up to the point where the upper legs are horizontal it works fine, go beyond that… and the flip.
you have to position the legs in 2/3 steps before you can get to the position you want.
hopefully you’ll be able to find a python guy to make the script for it :smiley:
good luck!

Just when I was finally getting happy with my own rig, this comes along… :slight_smile: Very nice rig, I’ll have to have a closer look at it, particularly the shoulders as they always trip me up…

Thank you very much for your advices.
I know, I have lots of small things to correct and I hope I will correct them soon.

If you want to pose correctly a leg, first : place the foot where you want it have be ; second : adjust the leg by using the proxy object SPHERE witch control the femur rotation. If you do it like that, you’ll just need 2 steps to control exactly legs poses.

@jms and Blaise
No body to help us by creating the python script. I’ll post on ZOO/3DBlender to take a chance. And We keep the faith to find some one who could create this BG script …