Universal Material Creator (Make PBR Materials in Real Time)

Hello Everyone.

I would like to present you a great facilitation in your daily work with materials and effects

Universal Material for Blender 3D 2.93+
PBR Materials, Eevee and Cycles Ready.

Real Time effects like: Moss, Mud, Dirt, Rust, Snow.
Real Time Edge Detect and Dirt.

No Baking needed.

Version 1.2 Updated:

Volumetric Fog:

-3D Object Detection

-Fog Details

-Fog Density

-Fog Color

-Fog Emission

-Global Scale

-Global Location

-Global Rotation

-Fog Emission Color



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Looks pretty cool. I don’t really have a need for it at the moment (mostly focused on character modeling/texturing at the moment) but I’ve wishlisted it.

Thank You Lee.

Hi, I just Updated this to Version 1.3 (optimization).