Universal Vending Machine

Inspired by the thread of the same name:


Blend file: here.

lol sweet!
nice textures!

Yeah, the textures are fun(if a bit stretched on the wall)…
Though, they lack an 3d form. But still, I like it :slight_smile:
3 stars

Whoa… I thought I went from finished projects to off topic chat somehow. I’m going to agree with trak: great textures. They do look a little low res in some areas, though. I suggest modeling the snacks instead of texturing them. It’s also be funny if you had more than just snacks in there (what if you had a couple of random things from the thread?)

True about the textures. I only has about an hour to put this together during a lunch break at work!

Theres >670 posts in the UVM thread at present, so I’d be stuck for choice, but it’s a great idea, Alden. I might do a UVM MkII at some stage!

Are you going to put in the angry man that popped up?

Edit: it was only a matter of time before someone did this.

It’s supposed to be a universal vending machine that dishes out anything, yet I only see snacks.

Make it a bit bigger with a bit more items, and put some off the wall items like bricks and garden hoses.:smiley: