Universe in 3D: V4 (final in progress)

So, this is the 4th version of this video that I’m making (the final version most likely). I posted a previous version here before and got good feedback and critique, so I’m doing it again.

Basically this video has been an on-off project of mine for almost 3 years now. I am a very casual blender user, but I want to finish this video with the best changes that I can give it.

Yes, I know the emphasis of the music is currently very out of sync, so just ignore that for now.

Any and all suggestions and critique are very appreciated :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the huge gap in size at the end is intentional and for effect. (It has received good feedback previously)

This video is in 1080p, so view it as such if you want :wink:

I think if you made the planets rotate would be a nice touch.

Here are few things I’m thinkin’.

I agree about rotation also think there’s a lot of things you could do with animation with planets. For gas planets and stars animate some of those procedural textures to look like the gasses are moving. There’s a lot of things you could do with atmospheres.

Maybe work on text. Don’t really like the color, maybe a grey, a little more subtle and would go with the floor. Experiment with fonts. Dafont.com is an excellant resource to find cool fonts. Also, you’re in Blender! Extrude that text and bevel it up! :wink: Maybe add some reflective properties to it as well.

Texturing of planets looks good to me. Something seems off about the specularity though. Are they white? Maybe make them more of a similar color to what is on the planet, but brighter. Also could treat specularity different on different regions of the planet, for example water on the Earth has a greater specularity then the land. Do these have bump maps?

With the reflective platfrorm I like the texturing but seems like it could be more then a flat plane, maybe slightly curved itself, and feather off the edges so it fades into the black.

Camera work. Could be faster, but I like the slow pacing actually too. Couple key things though are the framing on the VV_Cephi A (center it up, cooler designed with the planets in the frame) and when Vega comes up (right justify more).

Just some ideas. I like it. Cool project for long term Blender fun. Is everything to scale in this?

Oh ya, make some cool animated rings around Saturn and Uranus, would be epic!

this is a nice animation. I like the texturing on the solar system planets. awesome job man

That is an excellent idea. I shall definitely do that. Thanks!

I’ll probably animate the textures on the stars, good idea. Gas planet animation might be a bit difficult, but man, that would look awesome on some of them, especially Jupiter.

About the text: I agree, it needs to be more subtle. Its left over when I used to render in 480p because my computer wasn’t near as good so I needed a text that would still be easily visible after rendering and encoding. Now that I render in lossless 1080p, lossless After Effects output, and then just let YouTube encode the lossless 15GB video, the text is much easier to see. I should definately make it less intense. And yeah, some extrude and bevel would probably be very good.

About the textures: Well, many are different. All planets have texture maps taken from real satellite imaging and then stitched together and given some finishing touches to fill in gaps and eliminate abnormalities (Not all done by me). All stars use Blender’s internal texture noise generation. All rocky planets have bump maps and a grey specularity (I should probably change that to actual color, you’re right. Some look too shiny). All gas planets have no specularity, but instead use SSS of their color to give them a nice deep, soft look. Also, earth has a specularity map, so that the water will have a sharp specularity while the rest remains normal.

Also, great idea on changing the plane. I’ll do that.

About the camera angles: When the camera starts to get to insanely large ranges, the Graphs go crazy and are nearly impossible to edit in the upper levels. Curves are very steep, and due to what seems to be rounding errors, the camera will make sudden jumps after hitting a keyframe when its at large XYZ values while moving to another enormous XYZ value. I’ve completely redone the camera about 4 times now, this is the best I got. I might give it another shot though.

And yes, everything is to scale.

I used to have rings, but removed them due to some visual glitches. I’ll see if I can get them re-made correctly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

love it, really makes me think just how small and insignificant we actually are, but how huge and powerful we think we are :wink: