Hi folks, this is my last work in blender, I made the Universe because I love it, I hope you’ll enjoy, you’re welcome to critiques and tips… Thank you!

Its a nice start, but its too dark and the stars should not be in front of the planets.

Yup, it seems to me that you don’t know how stars work… Think about the sun; they are usually bigger than planets, and the planets orbit around them.

the planet should definitely go in front of the stars. the planets are cool, but isnt the universe a bit bigger than that? also, we seem to be looking at this stuff from another planet (because there is water on the bottom of the screen), and what looks like jupiter (its missing its moons too) is awfully close…
nice materials though, and the water is very cool :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tips, I’ll work to improve the results, and after I’ll post here, my first idea was make jupiter like a view of moon, but, I made a mistake with materials, I put very much alpha and translucide in the planet, but I’ll fix this problem

I corrected some problems, and worked in the compositing, the end result is this, what you think?

Better, but now the gas giant looks tiny…
I would look at some space art and see what others do.
Here is my gallery on Deviantart. Not saying I am a pro, but you can see what I did to get tat sense of scale on a couple of my better ones.

juipiter should not be over the water. the background has too much contrast, same for the water.
do any of jupiters moons have water (i know io i think has some but its under a lot of ice). maybe thats a bit picky though :slight_smile:

Titan has lakes, but not with water, I think liquid methane or something?
Though Titan is one of Saturns moons…

titan is one of saturns moons, has methane lakes, and is under 100d kelvin i think (72 or so). it could be habitable. 2 probes went there once (but only one made it to the ground). maybe guskate will add saturn and titan and put little green martians on it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot man! Do you can give me the nodes of your scenes of Universe? I did with world and some texture of clouds… I`ll change the texture of water, put something of the metal liquid…
Sorry for my bad english