Universities with undergrade degree programs related to 3d Modeling

I’m having a lot of trouble finding a good university (not a trade school, obviously that’d be easier) that offers anything close to a 3d modeling/animation/game-design degree…I’m preferably looking for one in or near Texas so I can graduate close to home and then maybe try to get into Carnegie Mellon’s ETC for more learning…does anyone know of any good state schools in this area that offers what I’m looking for?

Oh and I’m currently a junior in high school, almost a senior (whoop), so that’s why I’m asking.


The Art Institute of Houston offers some courses in 3D modeling and animation. I don’t know any specifics but you can check it out here: http://www.artinstitutes.edu/houston/

I’m sure there are others, have you spoken with your school counselor yet? I’m sure she can find many schools that will fit your needs.

I go to the university of utah. And I’m going into cg, but I’m mainly taking art classes. They also have this artstech program with classes in computer animation and other medias which is cool. However, I think if you really want to succede as a cg artist, it’s not your degree that is going to help, it’s your portfolio. Companies are looking to hire people with great skills. Not what software or degree they have. I find that by studying traditional art and film will very much help your skills as a 3d artist, if you can’t draw, design, frame shots, get good lighting, see anatomy, you will have difficulties. It’s also good to develop your own style and be creative, to help you stand out. Your best bet at getting great at cg, is practice, practice, practice. Get a great portfolio going and you’ll have no problem finding jobs, or getting clients, if you want to be freelance.

I do understand that Quixotic, but it is always good to HAVE the BA or MA in the first place.

Also I did find a good Texas school with an Arts and Technology degree program - UTD.