University Atrium

Well here’s the next project I’m thinking of doing, and yes it may not be the most exciting scene but there is a reason why I’m choosing subjects like this. It’s because I work for a university and would like to show clients environments that they’d be familiar with so that they can get an idea of what is possible. But I might have some artistic license, eg like hanging plants, or a plasma screen in that large support beam etc. Feel free to throw ideas my way.

here’s a little update with not a huge amount done and a lot of liitle things that need attention (ie gap above right side windows and left side door arch, bevel edges, higher poly arch window frame, weird stuff going on with frosted glass behind railings, more work on the carpet, etc). I’ll put internal lighting for the dark corridor and kitchen in the background. But watchya think? I’m thinking interiors are easier to look more realistic compared to exteriors. PS Suzanne is there to see how the window warping is looking. Also does anyone know why the 90 degree angles of the railings become thinner around there (if I’m using a bezier curve)? Adjusting the twisting doesn’t seem to fix it.

It may deviate abit from the source but may i suggest widening it a little bit? I think you could make it feel more spacious. Especially with the use of glass in the building. It feels abit too enclosed to me at the moment though.

Damn, that’s a nice atrium. Wish I went to that university.

Looking great so far!

Great progress! Looking forward to seeing this finished!

Thanks for the comments guys. So nearly there I might add a pot plant in the foreground and maybe play around more with that tree in the top right. Any final thoughts?

Amazing, like a photo :open_mouth:

Thanks TalllPaul, here’s my final render, I may do a better render if I can work out a better way to remove the noise in the image (this was 1500 samples).

Very nice. The carpet is a give away. Liked the the one in 28 aug posting better.
Apart from that well done with some nice details.

Thanks Aaltje,

yeah i wanted the carpet to have that tiled look which probably doesn’t help the realism of it all, but here it is done at 6000 samples which made it a lot clearer.

and here’s a wireframe for anyone interested…

You did an awesome job on this project.