University Atrium

Here’s another of my latest architecture renders, modelled off an actual atrium at our local university.

Hi. Seems you have a nice scene there. But I think that you should add some more lights.

The trees look a little bit as they grow horizontally :slight_smile: Everything else looks quite fine to me. Maybe a little bit more light would enhance the scene…

Are you a workaholic? I have to rest after the architecture acadamy and you come with another terrific picture…
Well done. For my taste it’s very well balanced with the lighting. I think I know the chairs and some stuff… :yes:

Thanks guys, and no LOL I’m not that crazy tildee, this was one I was working on before the Ontario Gallery render, if you search “atrium” in the AA forum you’ll see the WIP on it.

another beautiful render.light gradation, materials,composition looks very realistic.

Its good man… boy :wink: