University (cergy-Pontoise - France) needs blender teachers

Hi there,

We are opening a new 3d degree and we are searching teachers in these areas :

  • parametric modeling (Sverchok)
  • digital painting (texture oriented)
  • parametric material creation
  • UV mapping
  • architecture modeling
  • hard surface modeling (3d printing oriented)
  • retopology

Classes can be taught in French or English. By train, the University is 30 min away from the center of Paris. Even if you don’t live in France, you are welcome to apply.

Feel free to contact me for more information. Thanks !

Hello i can help you with texture painting, UV mapping, architecture modelling, modelling for 3d printing (also how to model in blender a mesh and than convert it to a solid surface using Rhino or NX), and retopology.

if you ever need rigging & character animation teacher let me know ill be moving to europe soon.


I have good knowledge of Modeling, UV mapping, texture painting, rigging and animation in blender.


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PM Sent.
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