University Course Project

Last summer at university I took a course on computer animation. The main component of the course was to create a short 5 minute computer animated video. I worked on this project along with 4 other students. Surprising, this was actually a computer science course so all of the team members are programmers, rather than artists. (although most enjoy art on the side as a hobby). Also, I was the only member of the team who had used Blender before, but not for anything nearly this complicated. One other member had used 3DS Max in the past and all of the others had no 3D modeling or animation experience. This video was the product of 2-3 months of work, which involved many long hours and late nights. It was a really fun project to work on though, and I hope to do more animations with Blender in the future.

Got a little bit of an Indiana Jones feel to it (especially the bridge part…:D)

Impressive animation overall - of course there’s some weak spots, but it’s not like I could do any better. Nice work!

Not bad dispute the mix up between the item that the main character was looking for is actually based on Grecian Myth. The bridge didn’t show any actual sense of weight when it was crossed. The characters movements seem slow to me when it comes to basic movement. Overall, not bad if this is your first animation.