University of Utah Teapot Rendering Competition 2017

Hi everyone! I’m finishing up a semester-long ray tracing course at the University of Utah. Every year, they hold a student rendering competition. There are only two rules:

  • we have to build a scene that includes at least one Utah Teapot
  • the image must be rendered with a ray tracer that we built from scratch

See the competition web page for more details and to see submissions from past years.

We are strongly encouraged to have someone else (hopefully more artistically-inclined) build an original scene.

I’ve built a Monte Carlo path tracer, similar to Cycles, but with a smaller feature set. The supported features are:

  • Triangular meshes
  • Area lights
  • Texture maps (no normal maps or bump maps yet, sorry)
  • Diffuse, reflective, glossy, and refractive shaders (you can combine multiple shaders together, just in a flat list, not like a node tree)
  • Motion blur (translation, but no rotation or scaling)

If you’re interested in creating a scene, let me know. The competition will be held next Friday, December 15th at 4:30 PM.