University Student Animation 2

I am working on my second animation for my computer animation minor at WKU
So far, I have done some modeling, texturing, and animations.
I wanted to share how does the final horse animation look like.

I am sorry if it looks too choppy but I just spend 5 hours animating it since I know I got a lot of work to do
Here is the final animation render:

“Video unavailable, this video is private.”

Thank you for telling me about it
I forgot I got it private, sorry

I made the train model with textures back in September but it didn’t have a rig, so it was hard to animate. Therefore I decided to create one that controls all the wheels and also controls the drive rods that connect all the wheels

Here is the animation of the train with the rig

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That’s really a really cool and intricate model and rig, and I love the texturing which is super intense.

I do find two things with the wheels a little disconcerting. First the spokes look like they are going backwards… I know this is common in video due to strobing (and also under fluorescent lights in real life), but in real video there is usually enough variation in the speed of the object that the reverse motion of the spokes slows down and reverses as the strobe hits at different times whereas in the animation the speed doesn’t change, so the reverse motion of the spokes is so uniform it seems odd. I might try varying the speed of the locomotive a bit. Second, also with the wheels, you put the flanges on the wheels accurately, but the flanges should go below the surface of the rails on the inside to keep the wheel from sliding off the rail. It seems so small, but it really jumps out at me…

Thank you so much for your feedback.
When I was rendering it I also thought that something was not right about the wheels, but I wasn’t quite sure why. I checked that they were rotating in the right direction but the problem was still there, so I thought it might be just me. But thanks to you I now see what is it. I will definitely try to fix it since the train will be very important for my animation.