I was wondering if anyone here had gone to university to learn 3D modelling or Graphic design. I am about to graduate high school and have already contacted and made an arangment for an interview on Friday to an arts school in Vancouver (Canada B.C.). I am also doing a presentation to a board of judges next week for a scholarship in fine arts. My plan is to take a modelling and graphic design coarse at VCAD. You can view the curriculum here. Its something I have been interested in doing for a few years, would like to know some other peoples experiences.

In the interview, please ask the interviewers some questions too. Ask about the percentage of graduates who gain jobs etc. Personally, I believe that your level, having a paper qualification is essential to gaining self-confidence for the real world, when you feel you are ready for it. But long-term wise, are you going to get your mortgage paid etc…or end up working at the local fast-food outlet just to get by.
Do your research, and while I believe that hard work will pay off, it the “smart” things you know that makes the difference.

I am also thinking of what university I want to attend. But so far I cant decide between game or movie CG art. Any pros/cons of either?
I am also curious about what universities are the best, because I want to be educated well :slight_smile:


Some excellent suggestions, one of the large reasons that I chose to do the application interview was the studio connections they have. Vancouver is sometimes called ‘Canada’s Hollywood’, there is a significant number of Video production studios, recording studios, and graphic art studios for both 2D and 3D animation/game. About 70 of the people who go through VCAD that get work afterwards were scouted by such company’s. Getting to meet the people in charge of these company’s and getting myself known to them I believe is an important first step to getting employed. One of my largest concerns about going into this line of work has been the initial employment. Statistic wise it is the first couple years that most people either find success or end up looking for a new calling. But certainly I will be asking how many students continue in there chosen field after graduation.

@Jonathan L

I was stuck deciding on movie CG or game CG too, I think its mainly a personal preference. I wanted to interact with the art and let other people enjoy it by letting them take control too. I also felt that a game was a more personal experience where someone spends hours of their time with it, as to a movie that might last just a couple hours.

I cant suggest any university’s obviously, but to me the best university is one that has a friendly atmosphere and teachers that you can get to know personally. I think that’s a personality thing, some people do well with the hard cut facts and nothing but the facts. To me it would be boring to be one member of a hundred people in a class, I just don’t shine in that kind of situation. One thing I will be certain to ask during interview is what the teachers are like. Do they arrive give work and leave? Or do they stay and help the students one on one?