Uniwheel-Modelling Finished

I apologize to those of you who looked in here earlier and found a massive image. I have downsized them; but tell me if they are too big.


I added service panels and a gun placement in the side along with an eye.

To do:

  1. Finish gun
  2. Light tests
  3. Electricity tests
  4. Did I miss anything?

C&C always welcome,


I finished the basic gun. I’ll be adding details as I go. I’m starting on the light tests as you read this.


I want all the cylinders on the entire vehicle to emit light. I’ll post what I get I get as I go.



And the gun is complete. If anyone has suggestions for more detailing I would greatly appreciate it.


The light tests I tried didn’t produce even coherent results. I will continue trying tomarrow.

Thanks so far for those who at least looked at this.


I rendered out a more objective view of the thing.


I am going to start unwrapping it a piece at a time to paint it. I hope I can paint it well. If anyone thinks of a cool paint scheme let me know…

Wow, its awful silent in here…


The gun is interesting looking, but its a bit useless since you must be facing what you are shooting. Perhaps make it on some sort of arm that can rotate independent of the wheel and also turn so that it could fire in any direction of that hemisphere of the vehicle.

I will attempt to explain what I have in my head… It isn’t brilliant, but it still works-I think.

Each of the ribs seen is an electrical conductor that holds the corresponding item in place via the corresponding ribs.

The reason its not a big mess of electricity arcing all over the place is becasue each part has a different frequencey of electricity.

With this stsyem the gun actually has almost 270 degrees of available spherical range. I have no idea what thats technically called.

I’ll post pics in a second.



The ribs in the center canal are linked to the ribs in the canal on the gun:


These are tuned to each other, allowing the gun to spin a full 360 degrees. Not only that, but the ribs that make the first image look like a turbine allow the gun to ‘swing’ back and forth almos 270 degrees.

:stuck_out_tongue: Ha! No arm for Khnum!

But really. Thats how I had planned it from the beginning.


One final shot before I begin unwrapping this beast for texturing.


Say ‘Goodbye’ to the grayscale Uni Wheel and if any one has suggestions for a paint job I would greatly appreciate it.

I also know theres a colored glass test running around here somewhere.

I’ll post some of my tests later on this evening.


So far its a very nce model. I would love to see how you would go around unwrapping it because I have a similar scify spaceship that hs similar intricate details and I dont really know how I am going to do that (but Il figure it out)

The electricity idea is great but the effect for it isnt the simplest to do I imagine so good luck with that one :D.