Unix Blender Rendering

(tclancey) #1

Hi folks. I had a bunch of raspberry pis lying around following a few finished projects, so I thought I’d go bonkers and build a small unix blender render farm. “Thank you!” to the folks on here for the support getting me up and running, very easy once I had the correct info. Currently standing at 12 nodes I’m getting (I think) an impressive 50-60 frames a day 1920x1080, 256 samples and it’s a pretty complicated animation.

Ok that’s not up to pro render farm performance, but as they were lying around and can run 24 hours without bothering me, why not! And they cost bugger all to run. Well, pence.

I’m using the most simple command to get blender running on each node… blender -b file.blend -a …and all the output settings are in the blend file.

What I could really do with is a way to trigger a shell thread or create a file when a frame is completed. I could run a small bit of code to gather the most recent files created therefore tell pretty quickly if there was a problem with one of the nodes. A couple of them are performing other tasks so they’re not all churning through the same number of tiles per hour.

Any ideas where one would start?

Many thanks.