How can i get unix, the latest one 64 bit i hope, not linux but the unix. i would like to test it out, maybe use it in the long run too. downloading Sun´s os now. I am kinda sick of machintosh graphical x interface for the operation system. ?

edit> i guess what i have really been looking for is exactly the sun´s unix…

I guess it is the Solaris Operating Environment:

Why do you want Unix specifically and not BSD or Linux? Just curious.

Personally I’d be more concerned with the available software to run on the ‘unix’ of choice and how upto date the ‘unix’ of choice is with regard to hardware support. Seems like a rather naive question?

Or is the intention to port the source code and compile what is already available for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris to your chosen ‘Unix’. Just how many free 'Unix’s are there? The very reason GNU software and certaily the Linux kernel were created was to free themselves from expensive proprietary unix variants and overly expensive software, wasn’t it?


Good luck with Suns Solaris.

i just like the look of old unix graphics worstations and i am writing some java and other than
that i dont need programs at the moment, lol maybe its irix what i have been looking for,
i am not sure

Ok, that’s a bit bizarre to choose an OS on it’s appearance without regard for the software available for it or the range of hardware it does or doesnt’ support. :slight_smile: The graphical environment of a typical Unix would be an ‘X’ server X11 or Xorg, over the nuts and bolts of the unix / varient OS, then a window manager running on top of X, like Gnome, KDE. Fluxbox, Blackbox, Window Maker and so on.

If you want java and an old looking user interface what about a Linux distro like XUbuntu, you don’t have Gnome or KDE by default and you can choose an older window manager like Window Maker? You get a bang upto date OS, hardware support and flexibility, with an old style interface?

Then if you find Window Maker or Fluxbox is too limiting you can choose Gnome or KDE later and add them without having to do a reinstall of a different OS.

Java is available throughout. Doesn’t have to be Suns OS as well.

well i can have or could have 3 operation systems, 2 hard drives are now filled, new windows and machintosh operation system but one left for one more operation system i guess. I will give up on trying to find the os which i was looking for, its really pretty much such a hobby for me. But whatever the sgi computers have for an os, that is what i was looking for, maybe it wouldnt even work in applepro computer. Yes, the combatability of hardware isnt good besides in the original Machintosh os that was in the computer when bought. But since i am doing programming i would lke something that is ment for programming anyways regarding the os, and funny but the sgi computers have windows i like and the style of type is nice, if my memory serves me at all.