unjoin meshes with names

Is it possible to unjoin a group meshes and hold there original name.
unjoin (select all mesh and hit P in edit mode )

You mean, you joined the meshes, [Ctrl][J]. Now, you want to separate then again and get back the original objects, name, origin and all?

Yes I would like to see my given object names back.

only way I can think off, is to select by material then part them off 1 at a time, parts will probably need renaming tho’
have to watch this now to see if theres a better way :wink:

Well I guess its not possible no problem but good to know.

If, after joining the meshes, you didn’t actually connect them in Edit Mode, you could select each separate piece using Ctrl-L and separate them. If you’ve connected them, however, it’ll be a lot more work.